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Each University has specific insignia which licensed manufactures and wholesalers may use on their products. If we are licensed for your school, we would be happy to email them to you for your review.


Fraternities and Sororities:

Please review the graphics shown below for engraving Greek letters, crests, or other designs. As you can see, the graphics are coded to make it easy to select the correct one. The codes range from G101 to G120 and from G202 to G212.


Of course you have many options here. You may send us clip art or just specify how you would like text to be engraved. We also have a coding system for depicting monograms (M801 to M805 shown below).


Corporate and Non-Profit Organizations:

Please email line art (for PC) if possible. Otherwise, black and white “ camera-ready” artwork usually works fine. Once we have your logo on file, future orders are a breeze.